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Finding Inspiration and Purpose in a Fast Paced World

person-staring-into-spaceEvery now and then I find inspiration—or perhaps more accurately, inspiration finds me.

I often catch myself staring into space and questioning my purpose in this grand scheme of life. Surely every soul is endowed with an inherent mission? An eternal purpose? A universal undertaking, task, to-do list?

But what’s mine? Did I somehow miss the memo? Am I supposed strive for monetary achievements? Political ambitions? After all, I have to make money so I can support myself and…But perhaps I was destined to teach. Or write. Or something else? Meh. I don’t know.

In our modern, fast-paced society, it’s regrettably easy to drift into perpetual motion and become narrowly focused on worldly gains such as wealth, fame, or power.

However it’s when I’m accosted with the demands of the world—go big or go home—that inspiration creeps up my spine and quiets my soul.

So here I am. Sitting at my kitchen table. Outside my window the world is damp and the heavens are spitting droplets of water on the parched earth below. A simmering cup of green tea warms my body and an open book warms my soul.

Paper book heartI am flipping through the book Humans of New York which I picked up from my local library this afternoon. The book is full of people. People with stories. People with dreams, experiences, memories, heartbreaks, and joys. People with reflective faces of hate and love, tears and laughter, hope and despair.

It’s tragic how life’s greatest frustrations come from the least rewarding pursuits. When all is said and done, bank statements are figures, possessions are superficial, and fans are fickle…

But souls are eternal.

And is there ever a greater purpose in life than touching the eternal?

This afternoon, I found inspiration—or perhaps more accurately, inspiration found me. Whatever the case, I am inspired.

Smile and remember—today will be amazing!

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