Kristi Jensen

Hello world.
This is me.

Currently I have lived…

For 9579 days 12 hours 59 minutes 47 seconds


In 1998 (my birth year), the last Russian Czar was buried, President Bill Clinton admitted to an extramarital affair, and a U.S. spacecraft found water on the moon.

According to an online death clock (yes, I can be that morbid), my estimated time of death is Wednesday, July 14, 2077. I have no idea whether this estimation is accurate or not. But suppose I accepted my death year as 2077—will the world be any different than it was in 1998 because of me? I am determined that by the year 2077 or whenever my day of reckoning happens to be, I will have made my mark in the world in some way. I refuse to be a bystander in this magnificent game of life. I will make history—not because I’m exceptionally brilliant, beautiful, or better than anyone else, but simply because I believe every human is endowed with the responsibility to change the world.

So this is why, my dear compatriots, I have launched Today Will Be Amazing. I believe life is what you make it. Every day is both a gift and an opportunity. I accept the gift with every breath I take, and embrace the opportunity to make each day the most amazing day of my life and to change this planet one moment at a time.

So smile and remember today will be amazing. 

What I'm Best At

A few more things about me:

(Not that you’d be interested, but…)

  1. Do you like to shop? Generally no. Too stressful (unless it’s in a bookstore)
  2. What do you do in your free time? Read, write, explore, run, watch Suits
  3. What is the last thing you ate? Arugula Salad and Mangoes
  4. What is your favorite ethnic food? Indian
  5. What do you admire most about people? Their ability to ask intelligent questions
  6. What is your greatest accomplishment? Surviving 18 years without getting arrested
  7. Favorite book? Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
  8. One item on your bucket list? Cow-tipping
  9. Stress reliever? Playing piano
  10. Secret guilty pleasure? Hahahaha, no.


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